“Your Intellect, Our Technology”

Our IMpress Platform is designed to wrap-up and publish calculation and mathematical models in a secure and resilient ‘Micro-Service’ solution, allowing your to concentrate on your core competency rather than the navigating the minefield of custom software development

Secure, Resilient Cloud Hosting

Our services are hosted in a high  availability configuration on Amazon Web Services (AWS), employing enterprise grade encryption to ensure the security of your data.

Centralized Management via our Web Portal

Manage your services and subscriptions via our easy-to-use Web Portal – allowing secure setup of your models in our Model Vault and find grained control of publication and subscription.

Comprehensive Versioning and Subscription Management

Deploy and manage multiple versions of your models and calculators, allowing fine grain control of which of your subscribers is running which version.

How does it work?

  • Publish your models or calculations in MS Excel format to our secure Model Vault via the IMpress Web Portal
  • The IMpress Engine then processes your model and extracts the logic as metadata
  • The platform constructs a RESTful webservice endpoint in the Cloud and associates it with your account
  • Manage your model services via our web portal, controlling access and versioning
  • Your customers consume your services whilst IMpress tracks usage and applies subscription rules fee

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