This competition is to show you how easy it is to sign up and begin publishing your own excel models.

To start

The first thing you do is simple – create an excel model which contains your guess in it.   You then mark two cells with named ranges:

  • output_display_name – contains the text we display on the leaderboard
  • output_number_of_jelly_beans – contains your guess

To make it more of a model, you can optionally mark two more cells, which we will populate as part of the calculation

  • input_height – the height in mm of the jar
  • input_radius – the radius in mm of the jar

And then just upload the model using the “upload your entry” button.  This will create a hosted model in impress – and run your model, adding the results to our leaderboard screen and entering you in the competition.

What you just did

By uploading the spreadsheet – you created a web service running on the amazon cloud – that represents that service as a scaleable, runnable function.  With the right key, which you own – anyone can call that service from their own web site or application