imPress Jellybean Challenge

By August 30, 2017 No Comments


This competition is to show you how easy it is to sign up and begin publishing your own excel models.

To start

The first thing you do is simple – create an excel model which contains your guess in it.   You then mark two cells with named ranges:

  • output_display_name – contains the text we display on the leaderboard
  • output_number_of_jelly_beans – contains your guess

To make it more of a model, you can optionally mark two more cells, which we will populate as part of the calculation

  • input_height – the height in mm of the jar
  • input_radius – the radius in mm of the jar

And then just upload the model using the “upload your entry” button.  This will create a hosted model in impress – and run your model, adding the results to our leaderboard screen and entering you in the competition.

What you just did

By uploading the spreadsheet – you created a web service running on the amazon cloud – that represents that service as a scaleable, runnable function.  With the right key, which you own – anyone can call that service from their own web site or application