How we build and release software has been a primary focus for Inside Mind over the last 8 years. As well as delivering functional components we have been refining the process of new code finding its way from the developer’s desktop and into the Production environment on a regular schedule, currently weekly. This has enabled us to think differently about solution architecture, user engagement, testing, change management and more. This post discusses how we are thinking differently in these areas and why it’s important to establish and defend a regular release pattern if we want to stay true to goals of software development agility and efficiency.

“…but how can the regularity of Production deploys be related to team culture and project efficiency ?…”

wondered the bemused Project Manager

Direct impacts we have experience by establishing regular release cycles are :

• Retention the best people by empowering them to help shape the right solution decisions
• Increased efficiency by keeping our solutions simple
• Increase agility by adopting engineering practices that promote tight iterations
• Better customer centricity by engaging our users in incrementing our solutions

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